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Client Relations Team

Andrew Lorenz 6-16-21  1500px KP-3857_edited_edited.jpg

Andrew Lorenz


Andrew served as a Deputy District Manager, Enforcement Investigations, Analysis Officer with the USDA-FSIS. With more than 27 years of experience in the food industry, Lorenz knows first-hand what the USDA-FSIS is looking at for food safety. He also contributes food safety content to the The National Provisioner.

Tracy Buesing_edited_edited.jpg

Tracy Buesing

FS&Q Consultant

Tracy is a culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, with 20 years of hands-on retail food safety experience. The health and safety of patrons has been the number one priority for her, and she is excited to share that passion with you.  Tracy is based in Columbia Missouri.  From building food safety systems, or getting labels approved, to getting you running with Food Safe Pro software, she is here for you and your team!

Matthew Bayer 6-16-21  1500px KP-3927.jpg

Matthew Bayer

V.P. Business Development

Matthew was owner/operator of a small, full-service meat plant that grew into a regional staple in refrigerated snack sticks. He has hands-on knowledge of all aspects of meat processing from slaughter to retail sales, as well as extensive experience using Food Safe Pro!® from the processor’s perspective.

Aaron Bodie_edited.jpg

Dr. Aaron Bodie

FS&Q Consultant

Aaron is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a PhD in Food Safety. He was a microbiologist researcher with expertise in poultry and beef. He also has experience in processing facilities, while working at Varsity Meats facility helping with validation of food products. Currently, Aaron works with facilities, helping to implement and maintain GFSI certified status.

Paul Turner 6-16-21  1500px KP-3777.jpg

Paul Turner

V.P. Sales

Paul has been with We R Food Safety! from its inception. His prior experience as a business owner for 20-plus years helps him relate to clients and understand the complex issues concerning managing and expanding business. He conducts software demonstrations both in person and remotely via Internet.

Faith Brown_edited_edited.jpg

Faith Brown

FS&Q Consultant

Faith graduated from Ridgewater college with a degree in Dairy Management/Farm Operations. She has extensive experience within the agriculture industry as well as the retail side of food safety and is looking forward to helping you and your team achieve your goals!  She has a passion for providing outstanding client support and is based out of Foley Minnesota.

Andrei Gindilis 6-16-21  1500px KP-3873.jpg

Dr. Andrei Gindilis

Senior Scientist

Gindilis enhances the company’s R&D capabilities and efforts significantly. For more than three decades, he has focused on development of various bioassays and biosensors, and has had extensive experience in protein biochemistry for practical applications. His research has resulted in more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and more than 30 patents.

Operations & Development Team

d Artagnan Kramer 6-16-21  1500px KP-3880.jpg

d'Artagnan Kramer

Software Engineer

d'Artagnan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, at which point he joined the We R Food Safety! team. His primary focus is development of software (legacy and new) and reports.

David Peterson 6-16-21  1500px KP-3844.jpg

David Peterson

Programming Support


Tyler Weber 6-16-21  1500px KP-3863.jpg

Tyler Weber

Software Developer

Tyler graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stout and has several years of experience developing software in a variety of technologies. For We R Food Safety!, he develops software and performs quality assurance testing, including bug testing on software updates and new products, among other duties.

Dylan Espie 6-16-21  1500px KP-3807.jpg

Dylan Espie

Software Developer


April Wolf 6-16-21  1500px KP-3929.jpg

April Wolf

Office Manager


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