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We combine cutting-edge technology with unmatched industry expertise
to ensure Food Safety in any food production facility.

  • Buried in paperwork?

  • Inspectors knocking?

  • Need regulatory guidance?

  • Looking for solutions?

Let the experts at We R Food Safety!
and the power of Food Safe Pro!
help make food safety EASY!

Our Consultants are TRUSTED ADVISORS to the Industry!

Whether your issue is operations, labeling, animal handling or a deep dive into food safety, we have the experts on staff to help you!

Electronic record-keeping that saves you time and stress!

When auditors and regulators come knocking, all your food safety records are easy to access with a few clicks of a button. Believe it or not, even your inspectors might say THANK YOU!

Total customization
of software to fit your needs and demands!

Food Safe Pro! can tackle nearly every food-processing duty you throw at it. If you need to record data or manage tasks, our line of software can help you track it easily!

Trusted by regulators and industry groups for our expertise!

Our experts typically can handle most challenges, and that's why the industry comes to us for solutions. We also have the proper connections to get any information verified!

Let us help YOU reclaim Product, Money, Time ... and your sanity! 


Years of Meat Industry and Food Science Experience on staff

>1 mil

Pounds of challenged product saved from destruction in 2021


Dollars worth of product that would have been destroyed


NRs directly resolved by our full-time consultants


Hours saved in 2021 for clients using our Food Safe Pro! electronic record-keeping

Learn more about Food Safe Pro! from satisfied clients   >>>>>>

Rick Reams, RJ's Meats, explains how Food Safe Pro! software helps the processor prepare HACCP reports and achieve greater efficiency in its facility in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The team at Melotte Distributing discusses how it uses our Food Safe Pro! software to streamline its operations in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Jeremy Johnson, of Conger Meat Market, explains how We R Food Safety! and Food Safe Pro! have helped him accelerate the growth of his business in Conger, Minnesota! Click to hear his story!

We R Food Safety! is the only company that provides scalable software designed by industry experts and backed by a world-class team of consultants and support personnel. Our proprietary Food Safe Pro!® line of software merges computer programming with food-safety science, regulatory requirements and real-world knowledge of what processing operations actually can do.


Food safety requirements and regulations are changing constantly, and you have government inspectors often taking up your time with trivial record-keeping issues. Food Safe Pro! lets you reclaim that time and devote it to solving more critical issues!

What makes Food Safe Pro! more than just record-keeping software, however, is the backing of our expert insight and counsel. Food Safe Pro! offers an affordable, long-term solution that saves paper and time, and helps you resolve any food-safety issues that may arise. Our expert consultants have more than 100 years combined regulatory experience and are poised to take on any challenges you may face.


Request a demo of our Food Safe Pro! software today! It is designed to meet the needs of businesses of any size and any budget!

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