With over 27 years of experience in the food industry, Andrew knows first-hand on what the USDA/FSIS is looking at for food safety. Read Mr. Lorenz's articles on 'The National Provisioner' website!

About the instructor:

Andrew Lorenz served as a Deputy District Manager, Front Line Supervisor, Enforcement Investigations, Analysis Officer and several other positions with the USDA/FSIS.


•  Are you a restaurant that needs a new Food Safety Plan?
•  Local, State, and Federal Health inspectors finding issues?
•  Are they pushing you to meet FSMA requirements now?
•  Are you an allied service provider for the food industry?
•  Do you make plastic bags, storage containers, or other equipment and now your customer wants you to have HACCP Plans?
•  Do you need HACCP Training?

We can help! We customize our training and services to your meet your specific needs, all at a cost you can afford!

Training dates for 2020 will be announced in Mid January!

Why Food Safety Matters

Targeted Audience: Food establishment employees, facility operators, and those who want a basic understanding of the impact of food safety on the food industry, general public, and employees who work in the food industry. 

Course overview: The course will familiarize the student with the importance of food safety to the public, industry, and the effects of foodborne outbreaks on individuals, families, and communities as well as the impact on food law in the US and abroad.  The course uses case studies and other data to show the cause, impact, and outcome on food borne illness.

Cost: $70 AMP Member / $80 Non-AMP Member

Basic Food Safety

Targeted Audience: Food manufacturing employees and others who desire an overview of basic food safety principles. 

Course overview: This course designed to review food safety with emphasis on specific sanitation requirements (based on the FDA Food Code) and industry best practices.

Cost: $175 AMP Member / $200 Non-AMP Member

Introductory to HACCP

Targeted Audience: Food manufacturing establishment employees, facility operators, and those who want a basic understanding of HACCP. 

Course overview: During this course the philosophy and principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System is reviewed and is discussed with special emphasis on how to implement HACCP in food operations.  The training curriculum is based on the information presented in the1998 National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria For Foods (NACMCF) HACCP document and subsequent revisions as approved and in accordance with the HACCP Alliance approved training curriculum.   Training includes how to take environmental samples and make determinations based on them.

Cost: $280 AMP Member / $325 Non-AMP Member

Advanced HACCP

Targeted Audience: Meat and Poultry establishment employees, facility operators, and those who want an understanding of verification and validation activities as they relate to HACCP.

Course overview: This course is designed to differentiate between Verification and Validation activities for prerequisite programs, CCPs, and components of HACCP system verification as well as provide instruction on how to select appropriate scientific documents to use as a basis of supporting decisions made in developing a food safety program.

Cost: $560 AMP Member / $625 Non-AMP Member

Integrated Food Safety

Targeted Audience:  Senior multi-purpose facility managers and food safety professionals.

Course overview: This course is designed to provide facility managers the tools needed to navigate multiple regulatory authorities, for example FDA and FSIS, while implementing a food safety program using the principles of HACCP.  The course includes how to effectively utilize third party audits to determine areas of vulnerabilities in a food safety program, how to integrate regulatory requirements into one food safety plan, and how to utilize data to make long term decisions and for goal setting.

Cost: Call for pricing

Basic Restaurant Food Safety

Targeted Audience: Restaurant employees and others who desire an overview of basic food safety principles in the restaurant (food service) environment. 

Course overview: This course designed to review food safety in the Restaurant/Food Service environment with emphasis on specific sanitation requirements (based on the FDA Food Code) and industry best practices.  The course is broken down into multiple sections including:  Intro to food safety, food safety hazards, food handling to prevent contamination and enhance quality, employee health and hygiene, and the science of cleaning and sanitizing.

Cost: Call for pricing

Food Safety Professionals Course

Targeted Audience: Food safety professionals.

Course overview:   This course designed to teach food safety assessment techniques, auditing techniques, regulatory requirements and the history of food safety, the differences between an audit and an assessment, writing reports, data mining, how to provide training to adult learners, data management, communication, evaluation of scientific support, overview of microbiology, overview of sampling and laboratory analysis, food safety system design and implementation, and food safety leadership.

Cost: Call for pricing

Food Safety Leadership

Targeted Audience: Food safety professionals and senior food production and service managers. 

Course overview: This course will help teach leadership skills needed to help lead a food safety team.  It includes guest speakers, communication training, time management, achieving success through people, using information technology, data and data management, and the legal pitfalls in the food industry.

Cost: Call for pricing

Food Safe Pro!™ Software

Targeted Audience:  Basic Food Safe Pro!™

Course overview:  This course will teach the fundamentals of Food Safe Pro!™ user interface, and includes how to build forms, how to mine data, system operations, and includes trouble shooting techniques.  This course includes basic tablet training as well.

Cost: $425 AMP Member / $475 Non-AMP Member

1 Day Course Training Package

Targeted Audience: General

Overview: Purchaser may schedule and attend any three 1 day (Ten hour or less) class.  They may send three employees to the same class, or have a single employee attend 3 separate classes. This is not applicable to the Food Safety Professionals or Leadership course.

Cost: Call for pricing


We can provide training to your entire organization, from your corporate management team to your production employees, get the results you need NOW!

We have a state-of-the-art facility that can meet all of your training needs including:

•  Basic HACCP/Food Safety
•  Advanced HACCP
•  Integrated Food Safety
•  Produce Food Safety
•  Meat & Poultry Food Safety
•  Dairy Food Safety
•  Restaurant Food Safety
•  Grocery Food Safety