Tizer Meats


What started out as one man cutting wild game animals in his kitchen after work, then moved to the garage, has turned into a commercial operation that now processes not only wild game during hunting season, but domestic meat throughout the rest of the year. Tizer Meats are committed to producing a quality product every time.

Ralph's Packing Co.


Ralph's Packing Co. is a complete meat processing company, specializing in high quality smoked and fresh meat products. They serve wholesale and retail customers, and are inspected by the State of Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

Glier's Goetta


What they do at Glier’s Goetta is just as much about who they are as what they craft. They are still owned and operated by the Gliers who perfected the recipe. They are proud to be planted firmly at their historic location near the grand Ohio River, 533 Goetta Place. They are a carefully trained and dedicated team of goetta professionals who slow-cooks and hand-stirs every batch of goetta in the same kettles Robert Glier used over 60 years ago.

Den's Country Meats Inc.


Den's Country Meats is a USDA inspected meat processing plant in Table Rock, NE. They are family operated and have been is business for nearly 25 years. They process beef, pork and wild game.

Western's Smokehouse


Western's Smokehouse is committed to their tradition of providing the highest quality products and service to their valued customers. They do so by faithfully adhering to their mission: Never compromising quality, value and service to their customers!

Paradise Locker Meats


Paradise Locker Meats exists to support and serve patrons and families in a sustainable manner by processing meats from small family farms; building awareness of local, natural food; and providing quality, wholesome products with dedication, integrity and honesty.

Frohling Quality Meats


Frohling Quality Meats follows in the proud traditions in meat processing that Jon and Stephanie Frohling started. Aiming for happy customers and quality products are their number one goal. This goal applies to everything from smoked retail products, to their fresh-cut meats, and their wildgame processing. Their wide variety of retail products and custom deer processing are their pride and joy.They have, and still offer the largest variety of deer sausage in the meat industry.

Companies that have a demonstrable ongoing commitment to Food Safety!

Strauss Brands, Inc.


The Strauss family is committed to raising the very best meats — ethically raised, family farmed and masterly butchered. They are driven by a strong ethical commitment to improve the welfare of their animals, and the environment for our children’s future. Their community of farmers and butchers are dedicated to making a difference – good for the animals, good for the Earth, and good for you.

Sailer's Food Market & Meat Processors, Inc.


Sailer's offers a full line of your choice of retail cuts of meat, along with many award winning sausages, including brats, wieners, summer sausage, bologna, snack stix & strips. They also carry many smoked and cured products, including award winning smoked beef, bacon and smoked ham.

RJ's Meats & Groceries


RJ's meat products are crafted in their market located at 1101 Coulee Road in Hudson Wisconsin. The meat market has been in continual operation in this location since 1970. They are a USDA Inspected facility. All products are produced in accordance with their approved HACCP plans.

Melotte Distributing, Inc.


Melotte Distributing is a federally inspected (USDA) custom meat processor and wholesale distributor based in Green Bay, Wis. Their focus is producing the freshest, highest quality "center of the plate" entrées, and providing their customers with value-added solutions, unsurpassed consistency, and friendly, reliable service.

McDonalds Meats, Inc.


Located in Clear Lake, Minnesota, McDonalds Meats features a full-service meat counter, special cuts, as well as homemade sausages and their world-famous jerky.  As a USDA inspected processing facility, they offer custom beef and pork processing. They also process wild game all year long.

Jennings Premium Meats


Still located in the site of the original butcher shop in New Franklin, Missouri, Jennings Premium Meats continues it’s 57 year tradition of offering great products and service to it’s customers.

Country Fresh Meats, Inc.


Country Fresh Meats pride themselves in the quality ingredients that they use in their products. In turn, this gives their customers the quality products they enjoy. From their spices to their pork and beef trim, everything is guaranteed to meet their high standards to be used as ingredients in their products. They are a federally inspected, full-service meat shop. They offer everything from butchering and processing to retail meat sales.

C & C Processing, Inc.


Located in the heart of the Blue Valley in southeast Nebraska, C & C Processing is a family owned and operated business. The mission of C & C Processing is to provide customers with high quality meat products from the heartland, hickory smoked, with that old-fashioned flavor. Their focus is to continue a tradition of dependable service and commitment to their products and customers.

Zick's Specialty Meats


Zick’s has been around since 1961 and has been in meat specialties for almost 30 years.  What began as Zick’s Grocery store in St. Joseph, Michigan, has been transformed into a meat processing plant specializing in old world style smoked sausages, jerky, and snack sticks that over the years have become quite unique.

Reister Meats & Catering


Clyde Resiter has built a meat processing and catering business that involves his extended family. They’ve handled small and large catering jobs — as many as 1,000 people — and as far away as New Salem, Bismarck, Sykeston and Woodworth, all in North Dakota.

Rump's Butcher Shoppe


Enjoy the best local meats, cheeses, domestic and craft beers, wines, spices & more!

Foley Locker Inc.


In 1971 Jerry & Linda Gall started their business as Foley Locker. Today Grand Champion Meats is still family owned and operated by Kelly Gall Washa and her husband Tony Washa. They continue to offer custom beef, pork and wild game processing. You will find the freshest cuts of beef and pork, as well as a wide variety of sausages, smoked products, chicken and seafood..

Sixth Street Market


For over 25 years, Sixth Street Market have been working to build an outstanding meat department. They offer a variety of fresh meat, smoked sausages, and fresh sausage. They have moved up in the past years from retail, to now offering wholesale.

Alewel’s Country Meats


Alewel’s Country Meats was founded in 1932 and is a federal inspected meat processing facility in Warrensburg, Missouri. Quality fresh meats and homemade specialty products are the cornerstone of the company. The German heritage is reflected in the sausage products and customer service.

Main Street Meat


Main Street Meat is much more than your local butcher offering the best selections and prices. They pride themelves on offering customers a warm friendly shopping experience, a selection of carefully selected quality items and their own products and recipes.

Stonie's Sausage Shop


Stonie's Sausage Shop, Inc. located in Perryville, MO, was founded in 1959 by Stanislaus (Stonie) Wibbenmeyer. They offer cured smoked meats, as well as fresh meats and sausages, bacon, hams, and cheeses.

Husnik Meat Company


Husnik Meat Company is a family owned, USDA inspected facility that has been in business since 1928. They process specialty items for national food service companies and supply top quality grocery stores and restaurants in the Twin Cities area.

C&K Meats


The doors of C&K Meats/Montana Western Flavors opened for business in February 1998 with a fresh retail meat counter and custom processing. We take great pride in the integrity of our work, for both custom processing and retail smokehouse product and meats. We personally guarantee customers will get all of their own meat back, never mixing it with another person’s meat. To this day, the meat shop is still family owned and operated. We invite you to stop in and let your nose tell the difference!

Kensington Lockers


Kensington Lockers Inc is located at 218 W Highway 36 in Kensington, KS and has been in the business of Meat Packing Plants since 1976.

NorthStar Bison


Northstar Bison is a family owned and operated, vertically integrated enterprise. In pursuit of learning how to raise and produce the highest quality of meat, they realized that 100% grassfed bison was the best all around; good for land, good for the animals and good for people.

Conger Meat Market


Visit our store in Conger, MN which has a daily fresh cut meat counter displaying a variety of USDA Choice t-bones, rib eyes, sirloins or fresh cut pork. The meat cutter is always on hand to cut any order to your specifications! You can also visit our outlet at in Albert Lea, MN.

Central Meats


Central Meats has been Tidewater's leading full-service butcher shop since first opening in 1960. As a family owned business that has been around for over 50 years, they take pride in their old-fashioned customer service.

Crescent Meats.


We offer the quality and service of an old fashioned meat market with modern technology to provide the highest quality meat possible. We have won several awards to prove it! Our Whole Muscle Jerky won national grand champion at the 2007 American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) competition.

The Durand Smokehouse


Wholesale and retail meats and custom processing. Always a friendly face behind the counter. Great products at a great location in Durand, WI.

Glenn's Market & Catering


Full service meat case and deli, homemade soups, sandwiches and more! Glenn's Market has been catering events for customers since 1989 and has worked with a wide variety of private events, public events, businesses and non-profit groups. Over that time they have a continued track record of excellence.

Pioneer Meats


Pioneer Meats of Big Timber, MT is a well known meat processor providing custom meat processing services locally and across the state of Montana and more.

Brookview Farm, Inc.


Brookview Farm was founded in 1962 near Archbold, Ohio. While many things have changed since 1962, Brookview Farm remains committed to the same high standards of quality and service and is the foundation for the company’s success. 

Dayton Meat Products


A local meal locker dedicated to serving their customers with excellence. From custom processing, to catering, to their wide selection of products, they do our best to offer outstanding goods and services..