Guiding Principles:

1. The company has a very simple mission, protect the consuming public by providing outstanding Food Safety products and services, this is woven into the fabric of everything we do

2. The company has four types of clients, each of whom must receive equal attention, support, and voice in our decisions; they are the company owners, our clients, our team members, and the consuming public. 

3. We intend to break the mold for food safety; historically food safety has been driven by the Government regulator. In the future, we will be the company that not only develops new food safety technology, we are the company that will design the systems, programs, equipment, and facilities that our clients ultimately will use to produce safe products in an economically viable way.  To be succinct, it is time for the private industry to take the lead in food safety, and we will be that company.

The WRFS!™ Mission

Our mission is to be “The Standard” in the Food Safety Industry!

That’s why we use the slogan “We R Food Safety!”  Remember this logo! Our goal is for every food product to carry this Food Safe Pro!® Certified logo and for every food manufacturer, regardless of segment, to place our Sticker on every product that they produce. When consumers see this logo they are assured that the producer or supplier of the food product has adopted and implemented our food safety practices that meet or exceeds Federal Mandates and Regulations.  Our goal is to assist our Clients in producing the safest food possible, the mission is simple, protect the consuming public by providing outstanding food safety products and services!