News Releases from 2019 and prior

July 22, 2019

Press Release 2019-2.

I am excited to announce ownership and management changes to We R Food Safety!™.

When we started on this journey, I always knew we would grow quickly and have insisted that we only do business with partners of the highest integrity.  I believe we have found the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals and be able to continue supporting the industry and customers we love.  

In July 2019 it was time to take the next step.  Mr. Hans Ulland has joined as an owner and strategic adviser.  Hans brings 25 years of experience and expertise to the We R Food Safety!™ team.; his experience in providing products and services that improve success for their partners is second to none!

Hans has worked with over a half a dozen great startups, much like We R Food Safety!™, it is the hallmark of his career.  He is very excited about leveraging Food Safe Pro!® and the other offerings from We R Food Safety!™ and enhancing the systems capabilities for the rapidly growing customer base.

Mr. Erik Ullanderson joins the team as Chief Executive Officer.  Erik brings a wealth of product development and the hands-on business transformation experience as well as customer-oriented marketing and support to the team.

Mr. Paul Turner moves into the role of Vice President of sales.  Paul has been with We R Food Safety!™ from the beginning and is excited at the opportunity introduce our products and services to new clients.

Our customers will continue to be supported by the same great staff and passionate experts that the industry has come to trust and admire.  As we leverage this new partnership, we will have even more exciting updates and innovations to offer the industry!

I have always said that we have the most amazing group of clients that a team like We R Food Safety!™ could have; it is because of those amazing partnerships we share that that we are able to continue to grow and refine our products and services. 

Hans, Erik, Paul, and I are thrilled to continue supporting the food industry and look forward to rapidly expanding our products and services! 

Andrew Lorenz
President & Founder

February 19, 2019

We R Food Safety!, the leading food safety consulting and software development team, announced today that its newest software offering, FSP-LITE, is available for sale online at  

“We are very excited to launch FSP-LITE in conjunction with the Iowa Meat Processors Convention being held in Ames,” says President Andrew Lorenz. He went on to say, “Small meat and poultry processors are under increasing pressure to maintain records, even the custom operators. FSP-LITE is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that is made specifically for them.  When added with our Food Safe Pro! L3 lineup of food industry specific software our portfolio covers the spectrum from the smallest to the largest users.”

FSP-LITE consists of both a Windows app that can be used on PCs and a web app that can be used from any device that has a connection to the internet.  It allows custom operators to fill out the forms they need and report against those forms when needed without creating all of the paperwork!  It also alleviates the concern of lost records, as the records are already backed up to the secure WRFS data warehouse.

To learn more about FSP-LITE please visit!


August 31, 2017

Yesterday at the Montana Livestock Board meeting, the Montana Association of Meat Processors, the American Association of Meat Processors and multiple establishment owners and other vendors who support them, presented concerns about the condition and practices of the Montana Meat & Poultry Inspection Bureau.  Based on these concerns, the Livestock Board, which has oversite of the Bureau, has formally created a committee to specifically address the issues presented at the meeting, as well as others that the committee may discover moving forward. The new committee includes three members of the Livestock Board, three Montana meat processors and a representative of the Inspectors Union. The stated goal of this committee is to develop recommendations on how to improve the Bureau as well as identify and recommend changes and procedures to help improve the Bureau’s function so that it can better carry out its mission.

We are very pleased with the formation of this committee; small processors now have a voice concerning the Montana Meat & Poultry Inspection Bureau-Chris Young, Executive Director, American Association of Meat Processors.

This is the first step in assuring processors receive due process from the regulators they deal with on a daily basis-Andrew Lorenz, President, We R Food Safety!®