FDA Rules:

FSMA=Food Safety Modernization Act 

cGMP=Current Good Manufacturing Practices 

HARPC=Hazard Analysis & Risk Based Preventative Controls 


What does the process of being food safe & regulatory compliant look like? 


1.  We start with a GAP audit to assess your current level of regulatory and food safety compliance.   

2.  Next, we develop and implement programs and procedures to fill in the gaps identified during the GAP audit utilizing HARPC & as applicable HACCP.   

3.  Then we go through a cGMP Audit to verify compliance with cGMPs.   

4.  Upon successfully passing the cGMP Audit we go through a comprehensive full systems audit, called the WRFS™ Gold Standard Audit.   

5.  The Gold standard audit encompasses all aspects of your operations to assure compliance with FSMA, State, and local regulations and food safety requirements.   

6.  Upon completion of the Gold standard audit you receive your certification. 

Are you ready for the regulators?

So how do we make all of this work for you?

We utilize a software tool, Food Safe Pro!® to automate your programs and record keeping.

Our philosophy is to work with your business to design and implement an individualized food safety system so that you can focus on your business.

With over 130 years of professional expertise our knowledge of food production, food safety, regulatory compliance, & consumable production industries is second to none!

Our experts help you at every step in the process!

Are you ready to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

If not call us, we can help!

So what is Food Safe Pro!®?:
 Your comprehensive regulatory and food safety solution, from the farm to the consumer.

Let our trained consultants help you with the design and implementation of your food safety plan.  Our team is trained in human food preventive controls, click the FSPCA link below for more information.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission:

The commission works with the industry to conduct research, develop standards and obtain product recalls. In addition, the CPSC helps to educate consumers. 

USDA Rules:


Farm Controls 



Multiple laws and regulations that must be followed. 

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Multiple laws and regulations that must be followed. 

Helping you navigate the complex world of government regulations and food safety requirements!

People eat your product?  

Do you know the requirements of FSMA?  Do you meet them?  Are worried about heavy handed regulators coming into your facility and demanding food safety and other records?  How will you demonstrate that you are producing a safe product?  How do you mitigate your liability risk?  How can you assure standardized production practices for quality control? 


Regulations are here, and more are coming.    If you are not adequately prepared to readily comply there will be costly readjustment.  However, if you choose to be proactive, and to prepare for the governmental gauntlet now, you will easily align with upcoming regulatory changes.  

Do people eat your products? 

If so, do you follow Food Safety

laws & regulations?