Food Safety Pro!® software FAQ’s and User Documents

Q:  How come I cannot edit an Active HACCP Plan?
A:  Once a plan is Active it is “locked”.  This ensures data integrity and allows you to show any regulator that there have not been any changes to your system.  To “Edit a Plan” double click it in the view panel, then select “Duplicate Plan”, making sure to check the “Keep plan active” box.  This will give you a copy you can Edit and still have you plan Active.

Q:  My Company does custom slaughter. Where should I put the checks that I do?
A:  That depends on your system and how you want to design it.  You can use the HACCP module, GMP, Prerequisite, etc.  Again, it depends on your program and how you have designed it. Email us with your question and we will help!

Q:  I sell vegetables in my local town and we are now required to have a Food Safety Plan. Will Food Safe Pro!® work for this?
A:  Yes it will, we recommend that you start with Food Safe Pro!® L1, create you plan and print it to present to your local health inspector.

Q:  What does the Owners Manual mean by “designated employee”?
A:  A ‘designated employee’ is just that, someone you designate to do something.  As Food Safe Pro!® L1 doesn’t include electronic records system (Using tablets, phones, etc.) it is often easier to identify the correct person in a program generically versus naming someone.  If you designate “Bob” to do your per-operational inspections and “Bob” is out you will have to go into the system and make a change.  It is much easier to identify the person doing pre-op as “Designated Employee”.

Q:  Can I get a printed copy of the User Manual?
A:  You can also pull the User Manual up via the help section of Food Safe Pro!® as a pdf file and print it.

Q:  I have a small cheese operation, will the program work for me?
A:  Yes, by covering all of your food safety requirements Food Safe Pro!® L1 Dairy is applicable to cheese manufacturing.

Q:  I grow and then process peanuts, what edition should I get?
A:  The Produce Edition covers both pre-and post-harvest as well as your basic processing operations.

Q:  What is the process for purchasing Food Safe Pro!® L3?
1)       The first step is to sign a Non-disclosure agreement.  This protects both of us.  As I am sure you have noticed we don’t talk about our clients on our website; that’s because your programs and plans are yours, we don’t discuss your system with anyone but you!

2)       Next you load your food safety program into either our online system or a setup program that we provide to you and then you and your team lay out exactly what forms you want automated and how they are tied into your food safety program,  for example GMPs, pre-requisites, HACCP, etc. or physical locations (Pre-op, operational Sanitation).  Internal programs like process control audits, training programs, etc. are typically tied to the GMP section or alternatively we can make a separate area in the software for you to add them.  It is critical that you identify every form you want automated or piece of data you want collected.  The second thing you need to identify is what reports you want and what alerts you want and who they go to.  Don’t worry, we can and will help you during this critical part of the process!

3)      After you have everything ready you send them to us either electronically or mail.  We then conference with you and go over your forms and exactly how you want them to look, what reports, alerts, etc.  We then give you a contract proposal that spells out what exactly you are getting, the down payment and final cost, support, etc.

4)      Upon acceptance of the proposal we start working on your project.  Our Project Managers will manage the work between the programmers, you, and the consultant who is assigned to you.  Alternatively if you have a lot of custom work we may send a team to your facility and the team leader will become your project manager, either way you have a single person who you work with!  During the design process we will meet as needed for clarifications, suggestions, collecting data we need (such as contact emails for the system) etc.  We also perform an in-depth assessment of your food safety system looking for vulnerabilities, this is not an audit such as BRC, SQF, etc., it more closely resembles a USDA FSIS food safety assessment however it is wider in scope.

5)      After we are done with the proof of concept we deploy one or two tablets, desktop software, etc. to your facility for testing and refinement, during this time you will continue to use your paper based system alongside of the tablet system.  We make any changes to your program/forms that are identified, fix any bugs, etc.

6)      When you are happy with the system we then deploy the rest of the system, i.e. the rest of the tablets, move the database from our servers to yours, etc.  We provide a trainer to train your users, and turn the system on, etc.

7)      During the first week we recommend that you continue to use your paper based system alongside of your electronic system.  While it is extra work for that first week it gives your team an appreciation for how much time they save using Food Safe Pro!®.

8)      After you are satisfied with the system you accept it.  Full payment for the remainder of the setup fee is due upon acceptance.

9)     You get access to our food safety consultants, 12 hours a year is the base, you can add more hours up front or after your 12 hours is up you will pay the standard rates minus a 10% discount.  Technical support is merely a phone call away!

Q:  I have to add a new GMP to our plan, how do I generate the new form for the tablet?
A:  After you have completed the GMP you click the “+” button next to “create new form”.  The form generator opens.  Name the form, select what data you want the form to collect, associate the form with the new GMP by selecting the name of the new GMP, and click “Create Form”.  The next time the employees who are associated with performing the functions of the GMP log into their tablet the new form is available to them, it’s that easy!

Q:  I don’t want to type in all of my data, can you do that for me?
A:  Yes, we can enter your food safety plan.  You send us your documents either electronically or via mail and we will enter the information into the program.  Please realize this is just data entry, we don’t review the program for compliance or other vulnerabilities unless you have purchases a L3 Edition.

Q:  What do you charge for entering my data into the L1 software?
A:  Our standard rate is $65.00 an hour.