your people to dig up documents! Everything that an Auditor or Regulator needs is in one spot in an easy to follow format. The Auditor or Regulator will spend much less time in your facilities, allowing them and you to focus on producing safe product!

Food Safe Pro!® L4 also gives you access to our consultants. When you are planning your food safety strategy and goals, dealing with regulators, recalls, developing new products, or just need someone to bounce an idea off of, you know you have access to the most robust consulting group available!

Food Safe Pro!® L4

Do you have more than one facility? Do you want to track what is going on in real time? Our flagship food safety software, Food Safe Pro!® L4 gives you the ability to see the Food Safety Plans, the data they are collecting, corrective actions they are taking and more!

Food Safe Pro!® L4 gives you the ability to run forward predicting analytics, Integrated Sample Management, Real-time Reporting on all of your facilities! You can even set up custom real-time alerts for when something goes wrong! We also have the ability to help automate other parts of the Food Production Operation to maximize efficiency! It is very easy to run reports on multiple plants to verify that all Food Safety Programs are written correctly and that the record keeping requirements are being met.

​When you are notified by your Regulator of an impending Audit at one of your facilities, your preparation time is dramatically reduced and all documents are readily available. No more paying