Food Safe Pro!® L1 is not a web based system, there is no need for the internet to use it. It comes with an extensive help system, a detailed user manual with step by step instructions, blank forms, a U.S. regulation library and more.

Food Safe Pro® L1 is a comprehensive program that helps you meet or exceed USDA, FDA, State, and Local Regulations while at the same time being easy to use.

Ever wonder what your Regulator uses when they do an Audit at your facility? Food Safe Pro!® L1 has self-audit forms for you to use that covers all of the areas the Regulators focus on. Program areas with self-audits include: Humane handling, Poultry GCPs, Food Defense, Medicated Feed and more. Worried if you are ready for FSMA or the new USDA Regulations? Don’t be, Food Safe Pro!® L1 not only gives you the ability to meet those requirements, but to exceed them!

Food Safe Pro!® L1

Our Food Safe Pro!® L1 (FSP) software is easy to use, inexpensive and covers the entire Farm to Fork food chain. FSP includes training modules for food safety, a step-by-step process for writing an integrated food safety program and generates all food safety plan documents in an easy to read PDF format. It saves all of the previous plans, meets the US Government requirements for security and data retention, makes modifications and reassessments simple and easy, stores supporting documents for immediate availability, and streamlines your entire food safety program. FSP generates the Hazard Analysis, HACCP Plan, validation (initial and ongoing), verification activities, SSOP, GMP’s, prerequisite programs, preventive controls, decision documents, food defense, humane handling, recall management, allergen, RTE/LM, and more! When being reviewed by a regulator, everything they need is in an easy to follow format. Dramatically reduce the amount of time inspectors spend in your establishment verifying compliance!