The We R Food Safety team offers a wide variety of Food Safety Consulting, regardless if you are starting a new extraction facility or have been making edible products for a lifetime!

We offer individual and/or retainer Consulting Services to our Clients in addition to consulting bundled with our Food Safe Pro!TM line of software. We offer services such as assisting during regulatory enforcement actions (NOIE, NOS, Appeals, embargos, etc.), writing and supporting your food safety program, HACCP Plan, Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment, Transportation plan, integrating multiple components of your food safety program into one cohesive, effective, and compliant food safety program! Our experts will also assist with Auditing, Process Analysis, Validation, Humane Handling, Recalls, Allergens, Trace-Back failures, determining Testing Techniques, develop sampling plans, and much more.

At the end of the year did you determine what you food safety goals for the next year are going to be? Were you able to identify your potential vulnerabilities and determine how to mitigate them? If you didn’t are you sure you are producing a safe product? Are you sure you won’t end up on the news recalling product? If you aren’t sure call us and we can help!

We have a complete understanding that “Compliance is Key” and will help you take care of the issues before they become issues! Our experience is second to none.